Hello! I am Mahesh Gowda, a freshman at the University of Cincinnati and an alumni of Cincinnati State. I have previously worked at the Cincinnati Insurance companies, and have been involved in other volunteer opportunities. I am a member of the UC Robotics Club, Video Production Club, and UC Alliance. Currently, I am also involved in planning an upcoming hackathon on campus as a RevolutionUC organizer.

I am quite passionate about software, technology, and data analytics - in fact, my first experience with the field of computing was when I was 4, and ever since then I haven't stopped exploring what makes it all tick. In addition, I am a big transportation enthusiast, with a particular focus on public transit. I also like contributing to wikis (such as Wikipedia and others) and open source projects (including my own), especially when my other interests are involved. An example of this would be constructing a chatbot that updated people on the status of Lufthansa flights using their open API.

There are several strengths that I have and that I am proud of - I am very motivated, responsible, kind, and a team player. My values play a huge role in my life. I am quite committed to social justice, equality and doing the right thing in the right time.

As I become a global citizen scholar through the UC Honors program, I plan to use my newfound opportunities to expand on and practice my passions and values and explore more of my strengths.

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